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Contemporary antenatal education

Delivered by experienced birth specialists aiming to educate & build confidence through evidence based information & practical skills.

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Lindsay Gale & Lisa Sykes combine a wealth of expertise to bring you the essential information & practical tools to birth positively.

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Our courses are designed to be taken between weeks 28 & 38 of pregnancy....click here for upcoming courses.

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Birth Positively – Choosing your birth place

Where should you birth your baby? You’ve peed on the stick and the few minutes for the result to appear seem to take a lifetime. Then finally, you glance down to check. It’s positive. You check the instruction sheet to make sure you haven’t made a mistake. It really is positive. Fabulous! You’re pregnant! You […]

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Birth Positively – Client Feedback

‘Both Saturday mornings provided very useful information in easily digestible bites. The labour process was broken up into nice sections, along with very practical tips. It was easy to ask questions as there were only three couples in total, and it felt very personal and not like the usual “one-solution-fits-all” sessions you get elsewhere. I […]

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